Social Media Management

Social media is a big deal, and it has become part of the fabric of our lives as consumers. Social media management is a great way to free up time, and while still being able to maintain contact with your customers.
Connect with and influence customers

Today, connecting with local customers using social marketing is as important as all the daily activities you do to run your business, like processing orders and answering the phone.

Not only is using social network marketing a quick and affordable way to get your local business in front of new customers, it will give you an advantage over the competition.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

1.) Social media is like a having a second store front, and somebody always needs to be at the front desk.

Simply having a Facebook page or Twitter feed is not enough. When a customer finds you on social media and asks a question or leaves a comment, you need to be there to respond. We live in an instant gratification world, and just like someone would expect to get a quick response if they walked into your place of business with a question they will expect the same on social media. We help manage this second store front for you by posting relevant content regularly and monitoring page interactions.

2.) We know where you need to be seen.

It’s been shown that different demographics prefer different types of social medias. So simply having a Facebook page is not enough. We can help you identify which types of social medias will be relevant to your business, and we can help set them up as well.

3.) Social Media is great at building your customer base.

Media by Matt will advertise your social media profiles by using each network’s specific tools to target potential customers.

4.) Consistencyy is key.

Remember that social media is essentially another storefront for your business, and as such it needs to be “open” when your business is. Posting regularly to social media is something Media by Matt does to make sure that your social media is just as active as your actual business is.

5.) We’ll save you some time.

Creating posts for 3 to 5 days per week takes time away from running your business. We’ll post for you, monitor it, and give you feedback on what’s reaching your customer base.