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Mobile Search Engine Optimization Success

Mobile Search Engine Optimization Success

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Mobile Search Engine Optimization Success

Mobile Search Engine Optimization SuccessGoogle has always been the deciding factor to determine success with search engine optimization campaigns. This is because they make up more than 70% of the overall search market with no real threat to that in the near future. However, what is determining success of search engine optimization campaigns is largely changing.

Why is the measure of success changing with search engine optimization? Google renders different results for desktops and mobile devices for the same searches and has been for a long time. However, in the past mobile online usage was so low that it didn’t really matter from an optimization stand point. You didn’t gain a major boost in traffic and conversion with next to nothing. That being said, with the continuing rise in mobile online usage it is becoming a major factor in determining success. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. Google understands that online usage with mobile devices is different from that of a desktop or laptop. Not vastly different, but different enough that mobile searches need their own algorithm. Now, with the continuing increase in mobile online usage and it over taking desktop usage, the measure of success for search engine optimization campaigns has changed. It is no longer determined by desktop search results alone. In fact, many of my clients actually see a higher and faster boost in rankings with mobile devices and as a result they are enjoying a larger boost in website traffic than my clients who see a higher and faster boost in rankings within desktop results.

So, how can you obtain the same results in mobile searches? First, your website needs to be mobile friendly. This means that when I go to your website on my phone or mobile device it should render accordingly, but still have all of the same information as the desktop version. Second, you need to make sure that your mobile friendly website is also mobile optimized. This means making sure that images are the right file size, flash images are replaced with static images, page titles and descriptions are being pulled over correctly, and of course that you have click to call capabilities. Finally, with Google continuing to update their mobile algorithm, you need to stay on top of the changes.

I know this sounds like a crazy amount of work and to be fair, it is. However, if you use programs like WordPress or Joomla to build your website, it will make things much easier on you. These programs come with free mobile friendly templates and are easy to maintain and optimize. Also, you can find thousands of templates to fit the needs of your business and fit to the ever changing search engine landscape.

The Simplest Question in Marketing

The Simplest Question in Marketing

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The Simplest Question in MarketingThe simplest question in marketing seems to be the hardest question the answer. It’s a question that I see businesses struggle with almost every day. So, what’s the question?

What sets you apart from your competitors?

So, I know this seems like an easy enough questions to answer, but the reality is that I rarely receive a good answer. In fact, the number one answer given is, customer service. Now, I think this is the number one answer because it’s the easiest one to give. This answer requires no thought or effort. The problem, is that you’re wrong.

So how do you answer this question?

First, stop saying customer service. It’s not what sets you apart because all of your competitors are saying the same thing. Now, that being said, if you are receiving a tremendous amount of positive reviews, you can then say customer services. What do I mean by tremendous? I would say that you need to be receiving at least 5 positive reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook or Google every week.

Second, look at your company’s products and services. If you sell the same product as someone else, what makes you different? It can actually be a couple of things. It could be the way you provide your services, the price or even a combination of the two.  Let me explaian; maybe when your company comes to work on my yard, you also help to educate me on things I can do to make my yard maintenance easier or maybe when I take my car to be washed, you also check my tire pressure, wishsheild wiper fluild and wiper blades. It’s these little things that will help to set you apart from your competitors. Price is pretty easy, are you less expensive? Do you have better packages? You get the idea.

Third, this one is a little more complicated. It’s complicated because it is very much open to interpretation by the customer. It’s experience. To be clear, I don’t mean the amount of experience you have. I have almost 10 years of experience in digital marketing and no one ever really seems to care. I mean, the customer experience. This is actually what I shoot for. This is because I’m not the least expensive out there (thanks India), the products and services I offer are not exclusive to my company, and as I said before, everyone says customer service. So what sets me apart is the customer experience. With me you are going to get a real and honest conversation. I’m not going to sugar coat things and I’m not going to sell you something you don’t need. This is because I believe that an honest and forthright conversation is the best way to help my clients get on the right digital path to success. Sounds corny I know, but it’s what I believe.

I challenge you to answer this question for yourself. You might surprise yourself. It may even lead to some good marketing ideas and increased revenues.

Why buy social media management

Why buy social media management

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Why buy social media management


Social media management can take up a lot of time for a company. In most cases it ends up being pushed to the back burner and never fully untilized. This is a giant mistake as social media is a vital component to any company’s marketing plan and online reputation.




Here’s What You Need to Know:

1.) Social media is like a having a second store front, and somebody always needs to be at the front desk.

Simply having a Facebook page or Twitter feed is not enough. When a customer finds you on social media and asks a question or leaves a comment, you need to be there to respond. We live in an instant gratification world, and just like someone would expect to get a quick response if they walked into your place of business with a question they will expect the same on social media. We help manage this second store front for you by posting relevant content regularly and monitoring page interactions.

2.) We know where you need to be seen.

It’s been shown that different demographics prefer different types of social medias. So simply having a Facebook page is not enough. We can help you identify which types of social medias will be relevant to your business, and we can help set them up as well.

3.) Social Media is great at building your customer base.

Media by Matt will advertise your social media profiles by using each network’s specific tools to target potential customers.

4.) Consistencyy is key.

Remember that social media is essentially another storefront for your business, and as such it needs to be “open” when your business is. Posting regularly to social media is something Media by Matt does to make sure that your social media is just as active as your actual business is.

5.) We’ll save you some time.

Creating posts for 3 to 5 days per week takes time away from running your business. We’ll post for you, monitor it, and give you feedback on what’s reaching your customer base.

Finally, at Media by Matt we provide a full service social media management product that starts at $99.00 per month. Contact s today and we will start giving your company a social boost.



Creating social media strategies

Creating social media strategies

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Creating social media strategiesCreating social media strategies can be frustrating. In fact, this is something that I struggle with myself from time to time. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. It can in fact be fun. Below, you will find some helpful strategies for kicking your company’s social media game into high gear.

1.) Start by thinking of social media as a conversation. Yes, I said conversation. That means that if someone engages with you, you have to engage back. This is vital as it helps you to begin thinking of topics to talk about. What’s more is that is helps you think of topics that you want your customers to talk about. Maybe its questions you want them to ask or a promotion you want them to share. Either way social media is a conversation.

2.) If you are going to start a conversation by posting, then you need to post with purpose. This is very important as it will set the tone for your social media posts. I know, that is a little confusing. Let me explain. First, think of the things you see on Facebook pages, it honestly looks like some people post just to post and this gets them nowhere. When you post with purpose you are posting so that when your company’s followers see what you posted they are interested. This will greatly help drive engagement.

3.) Create themes for the days of the week. This is going to go a long way in helping you stay consistent with posting. It is also really going to help you find or create new content. For example, I am a major geek, so I post once per week things that are geek like. Sometimes it’s a movie trailer and sometimes it’s a science fact or new discovery. Whether you like geeky things or not this a great way to help me find engaging content.

4.) This is probably the most important strategy of all. Do not product puke on your social media profiles. That means that you are not just going to post product. It is a major turn off to followers and is not the best way to create engagement. If you have product to post please do so, however, you should try and limit it to three posts for week. Oh, and events don’t count as product posting.

As you can see with just four easy strategies you can start posting with purpose and creating engaging content fo your social media profiles. However, there is no denying that this will still take a considerable time commitment. More often than note companies believe that they can and will make this commitment. However, they quickly lose site of the goal and return to just posting product and not really paying attention when people engage with them. Remember to keep your eye on the prize and if you need help just let me know.

Website design And What The Client Needs To know

Website design And What The Client Needs To know

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Website design And What The Client Needs To know

Website design is not just a job for the company building your website. Believe it or not there is a lot of responsibility that falls on the client as well. I know this is shocking, right? Let me explain.

As a website design company it is my job to make sure I am giving you the website you want. To be honest that is the extent of my responsibility. As the client it is your job to make sure that you are providing clear direction. It is also your job to provide content and changes in a timely manner. I say this because in the long run it saves both parties time and money.

Here are some quick tips.

Choosing to build a website

OK, so you need to know a couple of things before you decide to just start calling design companies.

First, you need a basic layout of your content. This will include things like the number of pages forms, photos/galleries, etc.

Second, you will need an idea (a good idea) of what you are looking for as far as a design. an easy way to do this is to create a list of 5 websites that you like. Write down what it is you like about each site. For example the color, layout, menu style, functionality, etc. Then make a list of websites you don’t like. For each site write down what it is you don’t like. Again you looking for colors, layout, forms, menus, functionality, etc. This will be a big help when talking with a design company.

Choosing a design company

You will typically get what you pay for. That being said, you should choose a company that will meet all of your needs at a budget friendly price. Be aware of any monthly costs that be come from this and make sure it fits into a monthly budget. This will allow you to stay on budget while getting all of the design and features you want and need.

Controlling costs

When you build a website there will always be costs. Costs for you and the design company. Here are a couple of tips on controlling costs.

First, you need to have all of your content ready to go. This includes both written content and images. This will save time and in some cases money.

Second, when the design company starts on the design of the website, be as specific as possible in what you are looking for. This is especially true of change.

Third, you need to make sure that you are communicating effectively and constantly.

I hope this helps clear things up. If you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to help.

Sales Training

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Internet Sales Training

So I was recently asked why it is a good thing to bring someone (like me) in to do internet sales training with sales staff on internet products.  Well, that is a very easy question to answer.

Why is it a good thing for my company to bring you out to train our sales reps? It would be a good idea because more often than not sales reps (especially those in Radio and TV) cant adequately explain the features and benefits of online advertising. Truth be told its not really their fault.  They have a million products and specials to push and internet takes a little more to understand than say a TV commercial. Beyond that most sales staff haven’t been properly trained on how to discuss the ROI (return on investment) that comes from online products. Everyday I here reps and advertisers talk about CTR (click through rate) like it is the magic number.  That behavior alone is why you have a high churn with your online advertisers.

So how do I know you are going to help? You don’t.  It really depends on two things. First, how many appointments the reps set for me to go on after the training is compete and second, how receptive the reps are going to be to the training.

What does you training cover? My training covers most online marketing products.  including, Social Marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, display advertising, website design, tracking ROI, Reporting, strategy and more.

What does it Cost? Cost varies depending on your needs, the amount of time needed, if I go on sales calls and as always Hotel and either mileage or air fair.  That being said it really is a budget based program.

For Internet Sales Training Contact Us today