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Top 10 Places To Share Your Blog

If you are like me, then you are likely writing blogs for a couple of reasons. I write blogs for self-promotion, education, and traffic. I mean one day I would like to be well know. So that being said here is a quick blog that has 10 places you really need to be sharing your blog. Here are 10 additional places you should be sharing your blogs: Visual.ly So this one is actually new to me and I’m still kind of messing with it. That

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Mobile Search Engine Optimization Success

Google has always been the deciding factor to determine success with search engine optimization campaigns. This is because they make up more than 70% of the overall search market with no real threat to that in the near future. However, what is determining success of search engine optimization campaigns is largely changing. Why is the measure of success changing with search engine optimization? Google renders different results for desktops and mobile devices for the same searches and has been for a long time. However, in

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The Simplest Question in Marketing

The simplest question in marketing seems to be the hardest question the answer. It’s a question that I see businesses struggle with almost every day. So, what’s the question? What sets you apart from your competitors? So, I know this seems like an easy enough questions to answer, but the reality is that I rarely receive a good answer. In fact, the number one answer given is, customer service. Now, I think this is the number one answer because it’s the easiest one to give.

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Why buy social media management

  Social media management can take up a lot of time for a company. In most cases it ends up being pushed to the back burner and never fully untilized. This is a giant mistake as social media is a vital component to any company’s marketing plan and online reputation.       Here’s What You Need to Know: 1.) Social media is like a having a second store front, and somebody always needs to be at the front desk. Simply having a Facebook page

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Creating social media strategies

Creating social media strategies can be frustrating. In fact, this is something that I struggle with myself from time to time. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. It can in fact be fun. Below, you will find some helpful strategies for kicking your company’s social media game into high gear. 1.) Start by thinking of social media as a conversation. Yes, I said conversation. That means that if someone engages with you, you have to engage back. This is vital as it helps you

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